The success story VALENTIN


We have developed the PlanET VALENTIN compact biogas plant for farms with livestock and a high proportion of manure.

"With the PlanET VALENTIN, we have created a biogas plant that can be set up quickly on site, as it is already pre-assembled at the factory. Our high standard in production allows the operator to produce biogas economically and effectively, "explains Jürgen Adamik CFO at PlanET. We have succeeded because PlanET VALENTIN is in no way inferior to its big relatives and also paves the way for many different sources of income. They create with them a secure source of income with a variety of revenue options, such as the proceeds of electricity and heat and possibly from Co2 certificates.

Modular design guarantees smooth commissioning

Since all parts in our main plant are prefabricated, tested and a cold commissioning is carried out, nothing has to be drilled or wired on site. Due to the modular design, all parts are merely plugged in and fixed. "This is an advantage for Valentin," explains operator Philippe Deru.

Normally, the biogas plant will be available after 14 days and biogas can be produced after three to a maximum of four weeks. "This is a decisive difference to a conventional biogas plant," explains Jürgen Adamik.

Only corrosion-resistant materials are used

The fermenter construction is a special feature of PlanET VALENTIN: we use stainless steel instead of concrete. The corrosion-resistant material makes it a reliable partner. Despite the relatively small amount of 17 m3 of liquid manure entering the digester, Philippe Deru's operation can now supply itself with energy.

"Since we only dispose of liquid manure and thus only use what is produced on the farm, we have decided in favor of a 50 kW plant. That's the way we can get along without catch crops or other energy crops, "he explains.

Low workload of a few minutes daily

The daily effort is not too long with the PlanET VALENTIN. "With a maximum of automated pumps and control technology, the effort for operation will be somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes," explains Jürgen Adamik.

Philippe Deru agrees with him on this estimate. Finally, Philippe Deru adds: "In my opinion, the Planet VALENTIN should be a supplementary part of the milk production, insofar as it is necessary to recycle a waste product. The system is very simple and very fast to start up. "

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