VALENTIN – Quality, automated and profitable

VALENTIN was developed according to the system construction principle and is haracterised by a maximum degree of prefabrication. The fermenter is a special feature: stainless steel and only corrosion-resistant materials make the VALENTIN a reliable „partner“ for your company. Further advantages of the fermenter are its high technical standard, fast project implementation and good financial viability. Even leasing is possible.

Strong arguments for the dairy farm

Manure improvement

through better plant availability


Business growth

without additional space


Automatic business

of manure management / slurry logistics


Upgrading of the location

through emission reduction

Interesting Facts

20 years of secure compensation
after the Renewable Energies Act 2017

40 up to 150 kWel
depending on the amount of substrate used

20 Years of service
and low maintenance costs

15 Minutes of work
daily for checking the system

Sophisticated to the last detail

Our VALENTIN is based on a standardised construction method and is designed for fast project implementation. The positioning of loading vehicles and loading times on the part of the client are no longer necessary.

All information about our VALENTIN compact summarized in a brochure.

The success story VALENTIN

We have developed the PlanET VALENTIN compact biogas plant for farms with livestock and a high proportion of manure.

"With the PlanET VALENTIN, we have created a biogas plant that can be set up quickly on site, as it is already pre-assembled at the factory. Our high standard in production allows the operator to produce biogas economically and effectively, "explains Jürgen Adamik CFO at PlanET. We have succeeded because PlanET VALENTIN is in no way inferior to its big relatives and also paves the way for many different sources of income. They create with them a secure source of income with a variety of revenue options, such as the proceeds of electricity and heat and possibly from Co2 certificates.

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Cheap slurry fermentation!

200, - € per cow per year to earn more!


Learn how much energy you can produce with your input materials and a VALENTIN system with our biogas calculator. Do not forget to request our free info pack!

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